Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Final Frontier

Dad: Back off.  Everyone go downstairs.  Go play downstairs.  I need some space.  Go play downstairs.
Mom: Get down.  Mommy needs space.  NO, not on my lap. Get down, sweetie.  Sorry, but mommy needs space. Get down!
Rabbit: Mom, can I go take a shower? I need space
Bear: [pushes out both hands knocking Angel over] I NEED SPACE!!
Mom: why is Angel crying?
Bear: She needed to move.  I need my space.
Finch: [jumping, spinning, and giggling]: I need space, hehehe....I need space, space spaaaaaaace!
Angel: [all alone at the top of the stairs first thing in the morning when everyone else is still sleeping]: I NEED SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!! MOM, I NEED SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!
Seraph: [looks around the room and then climbs down the stairs to play by herself in the playroom for while.]

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