Friday, July 9, 2010

New Carpet!

Seraph played in the basement today!  She never gets to go down there because it's such an unfinished mess....except now it's not.  They put in the carpet today - wonderful, fantastic, thick carpet.  It's amazing down there - no one wants to come back up.  

Seraph navigated the stairs like a pro.  We still need to put the doors back on the closets, but other than that it's all done.  Oh, no furnishings of any kind....but how much furniture do you really need in a playroom??

Tonight I'm working on birthday presents.  The twins already had their birthday...but we're celebrating it this weekend.  I found the funnest presents - a play kitchen (thanks to my momo friends for the idea) and  talking teddy-bears.  I've been programing the bears...and I think they're good to go :) (er...they're actually puppies...from later)

man...i just can't keep a secret.  Don't tell Seraph and Angel! Shhhhhhhh. :)

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Fine Art by Jennifer said...

Oh! Wish them a happy birthday from us!! I hope we can see you guys soon.


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