Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Joys of Having Twins

  1. Double the birthday cakes! All the sources say that separate cakes for the twins is a MUST!  I don't think the girls cared at all.  Angel slept through her birthday party and Seraph doesn't eat.  She especially doesn't eat anything that's sweet.  She pulled the most awful face when I shoved a taste of cake into her mouth.....(she loved the birthday song, though)

2. Buying Diapers in Bulk. I never run out of diapers. Seriously, we're in size 4 on autoship from  Angel is just a little bigger than Seraph, so she'll switch to size 5 before Seraph.  It's perfect, diaper-wise.
3. When one cries, they both cry. It's cute when big sister takes extra care of little sister.  It's beyond cute when the big sister is only 30 seconds older than the littler sister.
4. Some seriously cute clothes for two little girls! I hate spending money on clothes...but seeing my girls in matching or identical sets of clothes definitely loosens the purse strings.

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