Friday, July 30, 2010

Bear - Kindergarten - Peanut Allergy

Mom: How do you like your new kindergarten teacher?
Strong Bear: She's perfect!
I agree.  Her teaching philosophies match mine perfectly.  She even said only 10 minutes of homework and then stop!  I love her already :)
More forms for his peanut allergy.  There's another child in her other class who has a peanut allergy, too. On the advice of a friend, we picked up a bunch of peanut-free candy for his treat box.  Whenever someone in the class brings in a treat, if we can't verify that it's COMPLETELY peanut free, he'll have one of his treats instead. With peanuts, even trace amounts can cause a life-threatening reaction--like if it's made in the same factory that peanuts are processed in. Scary!
I can just see him asking the teacher every hour for some of "his candy".  I hope he understands that he only gets candy when the whole class gets candy.

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