Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update on Seraph

They restarted food to her tummy today.  She's getting diluted Pedialyte thru her G-tube.  20ml/hour. Yesterday they had to give her a folley so they could distinguish between the stool and the urine in her diaper.  They had to put a brace on her leg so she wouldn't pull out the folley.  She hated being less mobile.

They just took the folley out.  She's only had one bad diaper today.  If she tolerates getting fluids to her tummy today, they'll try feeding her formula tomorrow.  If everything goes perfectly, she might be able to come home late Thursday :)

She likes chomping on stethoscopes so much, that someone found her a play-doctor kit. 

Yesterday when I visited, she started screaming as soon as she saw me.  She had sooooo much to tell me.  She wanted me to hold her and would NOT do anything but scream unless I held her.  She was soooo tired.  She prefers to sleep flat, but wouldn't let me put her down to take a nap.  I think she was scared that if she fell asleep, I wouldn't be there when she woke up.  Smart girl.  I finally rocked her to sleep.  

and, yes, knowing she'd be out for several hours, I put her down in her crib.  She didn't even stir.  She was THAT tired.  Her daddy is with her right now.


Safire said...

A good report! So happy to hear. Thinking of you guys...

cheri said...

oh, that's so encouraging.

i think when our babies get sick, they'd rather be held even when asleep. whenever jackjack isnt feeling well, i had to sleep semi-reclined so i can hold him. that's the only way he can sleep.

Stefenie said...

Poor sweet baby!!! Praying that things get better and she can come home very soon!


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