Saturday, May 1, 2010

I can't stand being away from--esp when she's hurting.  It's a mom thing.  Hard wired into my brain.

They just put in a picc-line.  Her primary doctor and I have come to an agreement concerning the way her care will proceed.  They took the IVs out.  Yesterday she had both hands taped up and couldn't hold anything.  Also, they were drawing blood every 4 hours (pokes!).

They're worried about her kidneys.  Her diarrhea has calmed down and she has started peeing again.  Her stats are returning to normal.  These are good things.  She's headed in the right direction.  I think she'll be away for a week.


KG said...

Oh what a sweet baby. I pray she gets to go home soon.

Safire said...

Poor girl. Butterfly said that she likes her cousins to be better all the time. Get well soon!

cheri said...

oh my. i know exactly what you're going through - i've been there. i do hope she gets better soon. i remember jackjack's PICU doctor telling me before that kids heal sooner at home than at the hospital.

they wont let you stay at her bedside? that's too bad. here in manila, they let one parent stay with the sick child. maybe to lessen the alienation of the child, or for the lack of medical workers. i actually slept at the PICU for 2 weeks!

we'll be praying for her speedy recovery and for your strength. hope the rest of the family is better :)

hugs :)

MsBabyPlan said...

She is in my prayers. The Almighty will take care of her and she will recover soon. Have a BLESS Sunday!

MsBabyPlan said...

Hello Splat! I have given you an award on my blog!


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