Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day :)

We're home!  It took FOREVER to get through discharge, but Seraph is home and everyone is sooooooo much happier now!

 Look - drinking from a bottle!!  I still can't believe it.  Can't wait to show her therapist tomorrow :)
 The kids visited gma's house (they can't stop talking about the trampoline) while we picked up Seraph.  We barely fit into the van with everyone.
 Taking the girls' new wagon out for it's first drive!  The girls LOVED it.  The loved that they were facing each other, and loved seeing the neighborhood.  Strong Bear came with us and loved pulling the wagon. Then some neighbors gave us cake!  Really yummy fantastic cake - chocolate with raspberry was nummy!
On the way home with the cake, I asked Bear if we should share or eat it all ourselves.  "SHARE!!!" - What a sweetie :)  (Don't tell him I called that...he thinks only girls can be called 'sweetie'.)

We're home!


Amy said...

Hooray! Happy mother's day with the whole family together again! :)

Mamalissa said...

Yeah! Happy Mothers Day! (a bit late) Patty and I were talking about getting everyone together soon. Are you extra anxious since your trip to the hospital or are you up for a play date? Let me know. :)

Safire said...

Horray! I'm so happy for you guys that she's home. And your wagon looks cool. Hope you get some good use out of it. :)

Chris W. said...

How wonderful that she is home! That first picture of your oldest makes her look SO much like you! Is she your twin in person too?

Stefenie said...

I am so thrilled to hear she is home again! YAY!!! Saying lots of prayers it stays that way for a while.


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