Monday, May 17, 2010

Funny Girl

Angel dumped out her Mac-n-Cheese so she could use her bowl as a hat.
(and yes, her hair just curls like that after her shower - no curling/product required)

Mom: Angel, NO!!  That is NOT funny!!!
Angel: Funny Hat!!
Everyone else busted up laughing...and her smile was soooo big, I had to laugh, too.  ...and then get the camera.  Oh, that girl!!
Last week I went up stairs after bedtime and found Strong Bear and AngelRoo quietly reading books in the hallway!!  I yelled at them and told them to get in bed.  Bear thought I meant only Angel, so got up from the floor and sat down on a chair.  Angel decided it'd be better to copy Bear than do what Mommy said.  How does she know to ignore my commands already - she's only one!!?
Angel refused to go to bed until Bear went, and then she made a big show of arranging her blankets on top of her tummy so she could sleep.

Angel's decided that our neighbor's chair/steps are funner to sit on than the ones in our yard.

AngelRoo loves teddy bears!  I sleep with a teddy bear that I had ruthlessly guarded from the older kids. But....Roo looks so cute when she asks for I end up giving it to her every time...and then she takes off and loses it for days at a time...and I still give it to her whenever she asks, "Teddy Bear?" I think she'd pick a teddy bear over her binky if she had to choose.  But, this is real life, not some twisted gameshow, so she'd end up with the binky, the teddy bear, and you'd be holding her....oh, and she'd have your cell phone, too.

We call her "little Roo" or "AngelRoo" because she's like a baby kangaroo--happy to be held all the time.  She prefers being close to someone.  She hates being alone or being left. She has no personal space.

Today I played the biking game on Wii Fit Plus.  I did all the work, and let her do the steering.  She LOVED it....but she knew I wasn't letting her do the whole thing, so she kept trying to crowd me off the balance board.  Once she found the river, she kept steering me into it over and over.  Bear and Finch do that, too.  They think it's hilarious.


Shell said...

Love the hat. Did she at least dump out the mac and cheese somewhere other than on her head? LOL

I need to get Wii Fit Plus. I get bored with the games that it came with originally.

RainSplats said...

>wii fit plus
you totally should get it - it's only like $20 and the games are waaaay funner.


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