Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Karin Slaughter's Cupcake Contest

When my boy (age 5) saw my cupcake entry he said, "Wow, Mom.  That's a skeleton.  You are the coolest mom ever!!"

Thanks, Karin Slaughter :)

You can check out her contest here.  Hurry because the deadline is May 20th.  The grand prize is a signed copy of each of her books INCLUDING a pre-release copy of Broken!!!  I'm crazy excited to read this book - so if you win, can I read over your shoulder?  OR can I borrow it?  I'll give it back in a day or two....

My second entry: out for falling glass....or you'll end up like Suzy Cupcake here!! 

and my final entry (maybe it can get the consolation prize):

Stabbed in the chest.

It's cinnamon-flavored ice.  The kids LOVED it.  I was going to use a shard left over from home-made maple syrup....but the kids ate every drop so there was nothing left over to form sugar shards.

Wish me luck, and get your entries in, too--the kids had a blast helping me make it. Thanks again, Karin Slaughter.  Oh, and pick me, pick me pick me!!!!!

Here's some making of pics (I had to improvise a bunch):


Safire said...

Cute! Hope you win!

cheri said...

now, that's creative...and yummy :)


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