Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just for Fun, too!

My SIL over at Living in Maryland celebrated the Chinese New Year by finding the Chinese zodiac animal for each member of her family and reading them out loud.   Even though today (the third day of the new year) is not a good day for socializing or visiting with friends/relatives, I'm going to look them up for my family.  [For those who don't know, I'm forever copying my SIL.  I even had my twins a few months after she had twins.  I can't help myself.  She's just that cool!]

Sexy Haqon: OX
Born leaders, Ox people inspire confidence from all those around them. They are conservative, methodical, and good with their hands. However, they can be at times chauvinistic and demanding. In fact, the strength of an Ox person comes out in great shows of deter-
mination, obstinance, and defense for what they believe in. Although they enjoy their private life and doing things on their own, Oxen are strong, dutiful and reliable. They construct firm bonds with their home and family, and while not the most romantic of the animals, Oxen make affectionate, faithful partners and lovers. 

Chinese Horoscope

Chinese Horoscope

Honest, Loyal, Popular, Sincere, Steadfast, Reliable
Stubborn, Impatient, Inflexible, Narrow-Minded, Sulking

Me:  Rabbit
Rabbits are people everyone likes to be around -- Affectionate, obliging, and pleasant. However, can get too sentimental and sometimes seem superficial. They keep out of disputes, even if they have to turn a blind eye. Rabbits are emotional and even selfish when it comes to enjoying themselves, but they would never deliberately hurt anyone. Even though they seem quiet (and even unattentive), their intuition and intelligence gives them the diplomatic skills to distance themselves from bad situations. Well-groomed, mannered and always fashionable, the Rabbit's conservative exterior hides a love for fun, which catches other people off guard. Rabbits excel at assessing a situation and providing a solution when the time is right. They are sensitive lovers, and seek a partner who can offer security in life. 

Chinese Horoscope

Chinese Horoscope

Astute, Thoughtful, Refined, Docile, Wise


Cunning, Snobbish, Possessive, Fussy, Obsessive

Beautiful Rabbit: Dragon (no surprise there)
Full of vitality and enthusiasm, Dragons are popular individuals, despite being seen as foolhardy or "big-mouthed" at times. They are intelligent, gifted perfectionists that are demanding of others. Their intolerance usually causes a stir, but Dragons enjoy attracting attention, and prefer demanding situa-
tions to everyday rountines. To Dragons, rules and regulations are made only for others. They live, act, and think big, but their pride and self-confidence can prevent them from accepting help when they need it the most. Self-reliant and sufficient, they can survive without close relationships, but are energized with companions that share their wavelength.

Chinese Horoscope

Chinese Horoscope

Resourceful, Self-Assured, Adaptable, Original, Valiant, Enthusiastic


Arrogant, Hot-headed, Unpredictable, Critical, Irritable, Discourteous

Strong Bear:  Rooster (like his cousin, Butterfly!)

Roosters are hard workers; shrewd and definite in their decision making, often speaking their minds. Because of this, Roosters seem to boast. They like to put all their cards on the table and respect those who do the same. Roosters love to mix socially -- They are dreamers, flashy dressers and extravagant. They love to attract attention and admiration, and and get angry when someone steals the spotlight. Despite being melodramatic, they are exceptionally practical, logical, and have excellent powers of discri-
mination. This leaves them with high standards of excellence which at times frustrates others. Although they attract many suitors, they are loyal, level-headed partners make a commitment. 
Chinese Horoscope

Chinese Horoscope
Passionate, Resilient, Patriotic, Industrious, Courageous, Protective


Conceited, Blunt, Rude, Bossy, Aggressive, Impatient

Delightful Finch:  Dog
Dogs are naturally honest and faithful to the ones they love. Dogs seem to specialize -- they find an hobby or interest they enjoy and stick to it. Unfortunately, most Dog people are plagued by worry, a sharp tongue, and a tendency to find fault in things. They have a sense of justice and fair play, and are particularly good at finding logical solutions to problems. As far as Dogs are concerned, it is the people that count. Trustworthy friends and good conversationalists, Dogs have a tendency to hold grudges until appeased. Despite having a temper at times, they need loving, stable relationships. Once they've found their mate, they are faithful for life. 

Chinese Horoscope

Chinese Horoscope
Devoted, Resilient, Unselfish, Honest, Resourceful, Reliable
Nosy, Cynical, Cantakerous, Pessimistic, Anxious, Introverted

Angel-Roo and Seraph:  Rat (like their twin cousins!  Oh my!)
Rats are imaginative, charming, and truly generous to the ones they love. However, Rats have a tendency to be quick-tempered and overly critical. At ease with company and groups of people, their intelligence and observation allows them to quickly grasp a situation from multiple perspectives. Rats know how to spot opportunities and seize them, but their opportunism, ambition and restlessness can lead to too many commitments. Don't be fooled -- although shrewd in business at times, Rats are passionate lovers, with a depth of feeling that is seldom recognized by others. 

Chinese Horoscope

Chinese Horoscope

Charismatic, Sociable, Intelligent, Affable, Quick-Witted, Popular


Exploitive, Calculative, Secretive, Greedy, Acquisitive, Devious

Look up your own family's zodiac animals HERE and post it somewhere I can peek. 


Jo said...

hehe what fun :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

BJ_Mama said...

This is such a cute idea! I think i'll copy your SIL too...all the cool kids are doing it ;)

KiraAJ said...

lol what a fun post! Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier! Galangal root u can find in most asian grocery stores :) if u have one around then yes its not to hard to find heh :) i am told i am very lucky when it comes to my son because he eats almost everything :) and i make him ty everything as well same goes with the 2 grown men in my house lol

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a fun idea! Stopping by from SITS!

Safire said...

Hehe...I am pretty cool huh? :) Juice and I had fun reading through these too. And our 4 little rats are going to be such fun all together when they get older.


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