Friday, February 12, 2010

Yarrow for Yucky

I feel yucky today. Feeling too tired to make tea, so I'm sucking on some yarrow flowers.  It should help settle my tummy and keep me from throwing up.

I'm sitting here hoping it was some kind of food poisoning.  Beautiful Rabbit and Sexy Haqon both felt yucky after eating Valentine's cookies last night.  OR it could be a flu type bug.  Someone who visited a few days ago started feeling yucky.  

So far I've just felt queasy, but Angel threw up.  But she's so little, sometimes she throws up after she's been jumping or spinning.  The other kids seem fine.

So, I have to hope for food poisoning because Seraph didn't eat anything.  If she throws up, her electrolytes will get all out of whack and that could mean an ICU stay.

Either way, I should feel better tomorrow.  and today is going to be oooooh-sooo-not-productive.



KG said...

Having a sick family is no fun. =( I hope you all feel better very soon. Your family is beautiful! You are definitely a ninja-jedi-master taking care of 5 children. =D

feel better soon!

CDB said...

I hope the yarrow works, and you're on the mend soon!.. and I agree with the above post, 5 kids is something. Having 5 and having time to blog about it is simply amazing!!

Safire said...

Feel better soon!


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