Monday, February 8, 2010

Signed, Witnessed, and FAxed!

I have sooooo many forms to fill out!  Taxes.  Insurance.  More insurance.  More insurance.  Bills.  Waivers. Releases.  Oh my!  Then I get to the end of HUGE forms and it says "this complies with the paperwork reduction act."  Excuse me?  How long were these forms before they passed that act?

My husband recently started his own law firm.  (He's a patent attorney.)  The amount of paperwork to get Seraph's Insurance switched over is just staggering!  Then, just when I thought it was all worked out, the new company gave notice that it's their annual open enrollment, so we have to fill out new forms!  Oh my!!

I think I'm just about done with forms for a while.  *knock on wood*

Despite all the extra stress, we had a great weekend.  Gma & Gpa & cousin S came over to watch the Super Bowl. (great game - even though I was cheering for the Colts.)  Haqon's brother (who had an unexpected night lost in the snowy mountains) was found alive and unharmed :), friends from church visited.  Usually I'm exhausted and crabby by Sunday night.  This weekend I felt refreshed and optimistic for the first time in months!  I'm not sure how it happened, but I hope we can have a repeat next weekend.

...don't send me any more forms!  I'm on break!! ~~~~~


Safire said...

Wait, what happened to Haqon's brother? Details!

Sorry about all the paperwork though. And the Colts.

Paige said...

Welcome to the form filler outer club. It never ends, kind of like those computer games where you shoot the bad things down. No matter how many you shoot they just keep coming and coming.

RainSplats said...

Is there a pause button?

Paige said...

Yes * but you will get behind if you use it. playing catch up isn't fun.

Miss Dot said...

Oh how I LOOOOOOATHE forms. I mean, my eyes literally glaze over when I know I have to fill some out. Ugh. I'm rooting for you, though, and hoping that your form days are over! (at least, for now!)


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