Friday, October 9, 2009

New Neighbors?

They built the roof on our neighbor's house today. When they were building our house, we used to drive by once a week to see the progress. Early on, we met our future neighbors across the street. I started looking forward to seeing them as much as I looked forward to seeing the progress on our house.

Every time a car slows down near the construction, I wonder if it's our new neighbors. No one has stopped yet, though.

Delightful Finch and Strong Bear love to sit in their window and watch the guys and their big trucks. I'm always getting after them to keep the window closed and not stand on the window sill. Bear protects Finch by yelling at her to stay down when I'm not there.

Yesterday Strong Bear saw a cool car with smoke decals painted on the sides near the front tires. He said, "Mom! Mom!! That car is so cool to me. I like that stinky car."

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