Thursday, October 8, 2009


Seraph heard this video and started blowing kisses again. It's her favorite sound to make. She's started tucking a knee under her tummy and pushing herself forward when she wants to go somewhere. She's crazy mobile when she's not attached to her feeding tube.

The twins had their 15 month check up today. Yes, shots. Poor things. Everything else went smoothly. Doc OK'd Seraph's switch to toddler formula and Angel's switch to whole milk. Seraph has been losing weight (cuz she's so active now). So, we switched back to a high calorie diet.

I think Angel wants to be a baby kangaroo (so she can get carried around all the time!) but I think the twins will be Hershey's kisses this year for Halloween.


The Vigh Household said...

Look at that huge smile! Man she loves her mamma!

Fine Art by Jennifer said...

What a great smile!

Paige said...

loved her smile. cute idea for halloween.

Anonymous said...

She is interested in life! Thank you for giving her that. I love seeing her progress. Gma


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