Thursday, October 1, 2009

Call Me Sneezy

I'm hoping it's just allergies. Strong Bear, Angel, and I have runny noses. The kids are all getting their flu shots tomorrow (Sexy & I got it last week).

Last year Beautiful Rabbit had a huge fit because the nurse didn't wait for her to be ready. Yesterday she let me in on a little secret - it didn't really hurt. I'd been dreading her flu shot all year! She hates shots but loves protecting Seraph. The other kids are too young to know they can complain about it.

Beautiful Rabbit is out of school for fall recess. I'm sad 'cuz it won't be much fun with me walking around sneezing and wanting to stay inside. So far she hasn't noticed - spent the day reading 2 books she loves. Tonight she went roller skating with friends. Phew!

Seraph's ST wants us to start reading board books to Seraph. She's eating really well lately. She leans towards the food and opens her mouth when it gets close. She still likes to be in control of the spoon after it's in her mouth, but she lets me put it all the way in most of the time now.

Angel is teething - 4 molars at once.

We're dry walling the basement this weekend. It'll be nice for the twins to have their own room. Yay :)

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Safire said...

Hope you're feeling okay today!


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