Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Strong Bear: Mom, I said that Finch was cool because she wanted to be cool. Is that OK?
Strong Bear was playing Word Girl. He was being like the birthday girl who says "mine mine mine!!" and grows bigger every time she is mean. He was standing tall on a chair and we kept trying to trick him into doing something nice so he'd grow smaller again. He wouldn't do any of the nice things. Finally we asked him what nice thing he wanted to do. "I'll be reverent." Then he frowned, looked down, folded his arms and sat down.
Strong Bear [to Beautiful Rabbit]: It's OK because we're supposed to be friends and I like you.
When Bear and Rabbit started fighting at dinner, Bear stopped fighting and asked Rabbit to say something silly. When she didn't, he told her what funny thing to say to make him laugh: "hello, corn. I love you, corn. Bye bye!!
Strong Bear: I can't do it!
Mom: yes you can, go like this...
Stong Bear: Oh yeah! hehehehehe

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