Sunday, June 12, 2011

There must be something going on up there....

I asked my SIL, Safire, to do this with me...and I just noticed she's already posted it.  So, I'm gonna sneak it in. The deal is you just sit down and write for 5 minutes and then you're done - no editing or planning things out.  So, forgive me if it comes out a huge mess.  and here we go!

Cousin H is leaving tomorrow.  She's flying back to visit Safire and her cute family.  We'll miss Cousin H.  She's been coming over more and more.  She takes Beautiful Rabbit swimming.  Seraph LOVES playing with her keys --carries them around the house jangling them like they're some priceless treasure. Strong Bear was brought to tears one time when Cousin H left before he had a chance to say goodbye (he was upstairs and supposed to be in bed asleep.)
We haven't seen Cousin C for a while.
I guess my thoughts inevitably turn towards August and Seraph's looming surgeries. I give her extra kisses every day.  She's so warm.  So happy. So alive.  Really, really full of life.  Tonight Sexy Haqon threw a rubber ducky over and over and she'd fetch it like a puppy dog.  She'd bring it back in her mouth and clink to it tightly with her teeth as Haqon tried to break it free.  She thought it was the funniest game ever.
Yesterday the funniest game ever was me spinning a frisbie on its side (like a quarter).  Fascinating!
We took Seraph swimming a few days ago and she loved it!
I've been practicing comforting her.  She sings the ABC's while she's crying to self comfort.
Time passes so quickly!

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Safire said...

Funny how we talked about the same thing. It must be a big event for us! :)


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