Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh Dear...

  • Dear health insurance: Why d'ya have to be so complicated?....just because you'll eventually pay the bills doesn't mean I don't hate you.
  • Dear Seraph's Impending Surgeries: there's a thin line between preparing fully and worrying oneself into depression
  • Dear Seraph's Heart: Please let go of the creativity and try it the cardiologist's way. kk thx.
  • Dear Sexy Haqon: YES!
  • Dear Mom: I love you
  • Dear Safire: take good care of our Flower :) and send her home happy
  • Dear iPad: Sorry your screen is so dirty.  The kids love you
  • Dear Bed: I miss you!
  • Dear God: Thanks!
  • Dear Ani: *hugs*
  • Dear Rabbit: you are NOT a teenager.  No need to practice early.
  • Dear Grandma V: you still trying to pull my hair??
  • Dear html: the H stands for 'headache", right?
  • Dear SITS: I wanna play...but the time keeps slipping by...
  • Dear "the Glades": thanks for being around when Castle wasn't
  • Dear "Psych": you're late!
  • Dear headache: please stop coming back
  • Dear Food: ok so on video games...I just have to have food in my pouch and then I don't go hungry.  Could we try it like that? so...if there's food in my kitchen that's the same as eating, thx.
  • Dear John Sandford and Stephen Moffat: More, please.  (no...like right now!!)
  • Dear Internet: they're updating our router so you'll be faster.  <3.  Don't ever stop!
  • Dear my-kids'-Cousins: come on over!
  • Dear Heart-illustration-I-can't-figure-out-how-to-draw: um...what???
  • Dear my-neice's-chemistry: I just don't get you.
  • Dear books-that-make-me-cry: I don't care if you're good.  Get lost.
  • Dear Moms-that-were-inpatient-w/-me: I can't believe it's been 3 years...
  • Dear fellow-heart-moms: I'm sorry
  • Dear siblings: come visit!
  • Dear money: ....why are you always just smaller than my eyes..
  • Dear Kelly and Pippa: Why do people sip wine while they're making dinner?
  • Dear Angel: sorry I lost your binky. (I found it again, but DAD says you don't need it.)
  • Dear Tylenol: Can we work out some sort autoship/payment plan?
  • Dear Bathroom: Clean thyself more regularly.
  • Dear Family: thinking about having a naked day once a week so we can cut back on laundry.  Any prefs on which day I pick:
  • Dear MsBabyPlan: what's up, girL?? You in Canada now? Miss your cute posts...hope you're knocked up.
  • Dear kitchen floor: I *just* swept you...what are all these crumbs....
  • Dear Me: *ahem* ...aren't you supposed to be doing something productive right now?...


Safire said...

Dear Splat- We love you! Come see US!

Valinda said...

Dear Splat - I'm sure we love you too, if we only had the chance :) We might be in your neck of the woods sometime this summer, if we are we'll come see YOU!


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