Monday, June 27, 2011

Surgery Date Set for Seraph's Next Open Heart Surgery: August 30th

Angel & Seraph 11 days old
(minutes before Seraph's first open heart surgery)

Beautiful Rabbit (8yrs) holding Seraph & Angel 
the day we brought Seraph home from the 
hospital the first time (1 month old)
Angel & Seraph the night before Seraph's second
open heart surgery (4 months old)

Delightful Finch, Seraph, & Angel 2 months *before*
Seraph's third open heart surgery (3 years old)
 Seraph's (Fontan) open heart surgery is scheduled for August 30th. We're planning on requesting a day of prayer and fasting for her to be held on the first Sunday in August. More details on that and the surgery later.
This should be her last surgery for 15+ years if all goes well.
Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Prayers!!!!!! <3

Fine Art by Jennifer said...

Absolutely! And wow, those pictures are tear jerkers.

Paige said...

Great post. Will pray for her often.


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