Monday, April 26, 2010

  • Tweens need alone time.
  • girlie lunches are fun!
  • Seraph's added "Aabaa" to her vocab
  • Seraph's favorite game is still drop-things-and-say, "ah-oh", do NOT give her your cell phone!!
  • Watching Finch cry every time she loses a game has helped Bear to NOT care as much about losing games.
  • I still haven't read The Hunger Games (Rabbit walked off with it)
  • I'm LOVING our grassy/hilly sideyard - yay for warm weather, too
  • I had an inspiring weekend (writer-wise)
  • oooooh, my sis-in-law talked me into getting a slow-cooker/crock leave me your fav recipies
  • also looking forward to my new camera (one that does NOT share battery-size with the Wii motes)
  • re-met bunches of other heart moms this weekend....and then lost their blog addy's.  (I'll find my notebook....I think the kids walked off with it...)
  • Angel is drawn to the street.  Rabbit used to like to go places.  Angel just likes standing in the street.  /sigh
  • RSV season is almost over here!  Keep washing those hands!!
  • Liked that Sharon didn't get fired tonight.  I love this show way more than I should!
  • Why won't my kids eat potatoes?

1 comment:

Safire said...

You will like your crock pot. You can even make brownies and stuff in it! But then, I've already convinced you so you don't need to hear more. :) I still like the for most of my recipes. She's got a peanut butter chocolate cake I might try up right now. Good luck!

Also, we got the kids eating potatoes by mashing them and then giving them the beaters to lick. That's always fun.


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