Friday, April 16, 2010

Night Terrors Update

When I tucked her into bed, Delightful Finch shivered and asked, "Mommy, will you take care of me?" She said that a LOT during her night terrors episode.  (This makes me think she does remember the experience.)

She looked scared.  ...and I'm a big push-over.  So, I grabbed a binky that had been lost under the bed and popped it in her mouth.  I rested my hand on her cheek.  She almost immediately fell asleep and didn't wake until morning.

Binkys are weird at my house.  Finch (age 3) is usually not allowed to have a binky. Angel (22 months) is still firmly attached to her binky - esp when something sad happens.  We try to encourage Seraph (22 months) to play with a binky.  She mostly chews on it, but sometimes she sucks.  She needs to develop those binky-sucking muscles more.

Finch often steals a binky from one of the twins.  Sometimes she takes it out if I catch her with it.  Sometimes she drops it into her hand and then hides in the cabinets under the sink so she can suck on her stolen binky in peace.

I decided I'd rather have her regress to binkys at night than have more night terrors.  Binkys make her feel safe.  I'll steal it away again in a month or so ;)


Safire said...

Yay binkies! Professor loves binkies here too. Glad she still loves hers. :)

cheri said...

binky was a godsend when jackjack was in the hospital years ago. sometime last year, he just gave me the binky and said he didnt need it anymore because he was a big boy.

leave the binky for awhile. the kids will wean themselves from it :)


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