Friday, April 2, 2010

Essentials - Baby Swing

The day after Angel came home from the hospital, I ran to Target and bought this swing.

Angel asleep in the Fisher-Price Open-Top Cradle Swing

I LOVE this swing!!!!  Sexy Haqon freaked out a bit at the cost ($100).  I promised him it was worth it.  Angel slept.  Naps.  Night. Mom and Dad slept. Sexy Haqon smothered me with kisses and asked if we should buy another one for Seraph. (We didn't buy a second one.  Angel slept in while Seraph was at the hospital.  Seraph slept in it when she was home. If we'd had both twins home that first night, I'm sure we would've bought them each their own swing.)

Best money a new mom can spend!

Things I love about this swing:
-not expensive compared to other swings
-helps baby/mom/dad get sleep at night
-Plugs into the wall!!!  (Ever run out of batteries with your swing?)
-Craddle swing - can rock back and forth or side to side.
-bright colors

Swinging activates baby's lymph system.  This helps them feel better and their immune system run more efficiently.

In the hospital, when Seraph was very sick and not really getting better we twisted arms until we got her a swing.  Her lungs started clearing out (duh!), her oxygen needs came down, and they were able to move her out of the ICU. Since then, every time she goes to the hospital (once she's well enough to get out of bed) we request a swing.

Cradle swings are hard to find in the hospital.  They break easily if you put someone in it who's over the weight limit.  Therefore, the last two times Seraph was hospitalized, we brought her swing from home!

When we were bolus-feeding Seraph, we'd hang the milk from the top of her swing. (also for venting when she was little)

Seraph needed to keep her head elevated for her reflux when she was tiny.  Her doctors said the swing was just right for that. She'd kick back and put her feet up on the little post that's between the feet

When Angel was learning to walk, she'd pull herself up onto Seraph's swing to play with her and bring her toys.  As Seraph's learning to walk, she pulls herself up holding the swing to play with the mobile.  All the kids love the music.

I think it's more important to have this swing for a newborn than a crib! (atleast until baby is old enough to start rolling.) 

Put a baby blanket under the baby in the swing to catch any diaper leaks.  The fabric is machine washable if it does get dirty.

(No paid promotions were involved in this post--just my unsolicited opinion.)

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Safire said...

Sounds nice! We don't have room for a big swing and our tiny swing broke with V. Maybe we'll move before we have another baby. ;)

Helene said...

I loved our baby swings too! Both sets of my twins slept in their swings until they were around 6 months old. I remember my MIL giving me so much garbage over it but she wasn't the one having to get up with the babies every 2 hours.

That is the one gift I tell every new parent she has to have...a baby swing (and a bouncy seat!!)

browneyes_24b said...

Stopping by from SITS! Our baby swing was very nice to have too! He has already grown out of his swing, and now his new passion is the jumperoo! Have a great day!


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