Sunday, November 15, 2009


We're ready for the week to start!

Gma and Gpa are back - yay!  Haqon is back - double yay!  It snowed enough to play in - I should just rename this post 'Yay'.....

Pictured (left to right): Angel, Finch, Bear, Rabbit.

Seraph is having some reflux issues...what?!  That's not supposed to happen after the Nissen surgery.  Usually it happens after meds, so we're tweaking her schedule to not do meds and feeds at the same time.  Hopefully that'll fix it.  If not, she go back on some reflux meds.  Not a big deal.

No one is sick - yay!!  and we're excited to be getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I like being helps everyone have a better attitude and then a better day.  See ya'll soon :)


Anonymous said...

We are glad to be back. We had a great time, but missed all of you. Gma

Fine Art by Jennifer said...


Safire said...

What a great picture!


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