Thursday, November 19, 2009

Don't Stand on the Arm of the Couch!!

The kids love to jump off the arm of the couch onto all the pillows.  I don't mind when Bear and Finch do it.  Angel scares me.  She likes to climb all the way up onto the shelves of the baker's rack that's next to the couch. She's a little wobbly and sometimes falls off chairs when she's climbing.  If I had a hotkey for my kids, I'd push the button and it would yell, "hey, get down!  Now!!"

Yesterday, Angel kept climbing up too high.  I ran out of patience and went over and growled right in her face - GRRRRRRRRRRR!!  (It's one of the Haqon methods of parenting...and it works great for him.)  I don't like to scare the kids, but I'd had it!  GRRRRRR!!

Angel leaned closer to my face and Grrrrrrr'd right back.  Then she jumped up and down giggling.  She Grrrr'd again and her fist (accidentally) flew up and punched my face. Bear and Finch ran over (and climbed up on the arm of the couch) so they could play the growling game with Mommy, too!


At least I didn't scare her. :)


Paige said...

I could just picture that in my mind. Great story Pussycat.

Safire said...

Glad you didn't scare her!


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