Sunday, November 1, 2009

Staying Home for the RSV/Flu/Swine Flu Season

Flu/RSV season is upon us again!  Last year, staying in to protect Seraph and Angel from getting sick nearly drove us crazy.  This year I'm more prepared.  Yes, we really stay home as much as possible until Spring.  No, we don't pull our daughter out of school or Haqon out of work.  We do keep hand sanitizer at the front and back doors.

I tried getting my family to wash their hands each time they came home.  No one remembers.  Besides, most people don't wash their hands correctly.

My kids devoured their Halloween Candy this year.  S Bear went to bed with a tummy ache. I forgot to take pictures of everyone in their costumes - oops.

Seraph and Angel are both feeling better today.
My favorite Angel moment today:  She was looking in the fridge and said, "Jinkies".
My favorite Seraph moment today: She was sitting up and rolled her shoulders up and down to get D Finch to giggle.

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Safire said...

Yes, protect those babies! It sucks to be sick.


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