Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One Fine Day...

Beautiful Rabbit drank too much Gatorade and got a horrible tummy ache.  I worried it might be the flu, but thankfully it wasn't...this time.  She helps a lot with the thank you decorations. It's nice to have such a helpful helper.

Strong Bear likes cake and ice cream and his family. He's pretty good at protecting his sisters.  Sometimes we have to remind him to be more gentle.

Delightful Finch likes princess dresses and copying Bear and Angel.  She likes to read to Seraph and bring her toys and binkies.

Angel almost always falls asleep at the end of dinner.  She starts falling sideways in her chair and I scoop her up and slip her onto the recliner for a nap.

Seraph's new medicine (for her ear infection) is making her nauseous.  Thank heavens today is the last day!  She won't let us feed her orally anymore.  Hopefully in a few days she'll want to try food again. She still likes putting things in her mouth, but spits them out immediately.

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Anonymous said...

Finch looks so grown up!! I haven't seen you for the longest time!



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