Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Speech Therapy

Today was our first day with the new speech therapist.  We'll miss our friend, Dee, who'd been with us off and on since Seraph was 5 months old! (It's totally weird not having her over weekly now.)
Angel completely freaked out having someone new in the house.  I had to hold her the whole time.  I thought she'd grown out of this phase.  Nope.
Seraph did well. She played with water and made lots of sounds and successfully played with spoons and cups without food while completely shunning anything that had even a tiny bit of food on it.  She fed me Popsicles...and sorta tolerated it when I snuck her a few tastes.
We're supposed to touch her face more and have her sit at the table during meals and give her stuff to make messes.

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