Thursday, December 30, 2010

Melts in your Mouth

Seraph is still fed via her gtube....and we're in the process of teaching her how to eat.

Twice a day (it's supposed to be every meal but that never happens), I strap Seraph into her chair and shove three bites of food into her mouth.  Breakfast is apple-cinnamon stars!  They melt in your mouth so I just grind them into her teeth a bit.  The cinnamon is pretty potent for baby food.  Her taste buds are fully in now but she's not used to tasting we're working on getting used to tastes.  She HATES it!

I leave a sippy cup in reach.  (Filled with water, but I sometimes add some juice to the water)

The food does NOT go over well. Ever.  But....she often grabs the sippy cup to help get rid of the flavors in her mouth.

When it's over, I have to wait til she's not crying before I can get her down.  I usually hand her the sippy cup or put it down low where she can grab it.  Sometimes I spy her sipping from it later.  Yay!

Today I scooped up Angel and fed her the same way right along-side Seraph.  She was a good helper!  She helped me blow Kix around the table, too.  (Seraph gets a big kick out of blowing the tiny Kix balls across the helps distract her so we can take bites of food more often.)

It's incredibly important to Angel to show everyone that she can do anything her siblings can do -- even her lil sister ;)   So, she LOVES being treated like Seraph....even if it means eating baby food.


Stefenie said...

I remember those days of trying to get Logan to eat food. It definitely presents some challenges but you just have to keep trying. We are living proof that it will eventually all come together!!

RainSplats said...

Thanks, Stef, it means soooo much to know I'm not "torturing" her for nothing.
Part of me loves that she can't talk yet - she doesn't fight with the other kids! But it's very cute when she tries to say things.
Her newest word is "yeah" she says "yeah" no matter what you ask her. It's fun.


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