Saturday, December 11, 2010

Seraph's favorite napping spot.

When our builder said "oh, and we purposely didn't screw in the vents so they'd be easier for you to take off," warning bells rang in my head but I didn't say anything. Seraph loves opening the vent.  She's like a lil ferret--it's her "nest" and everything she loves ends up shoved down that hole.
 Seraph prefers cooler temperatures.  Her heart defects cause her heart to work harder and I think that makes her hotter.  She loves cold. So, this vent is her favorite cuz it blows out cool air AND it's right by the front window so she can see everything outside.
I try to keep the vent covered...but,....
Once I came in to find her standing in it.....
She pushes away strategically placed chairs and bags to get to her favorite hole.

She's also started using sounds to communicate.  When I put her to bed tonight, she came to the edge of the crib and said, "up!"  (no, it didn't work--but I'm happy she tried.)  and she likes to bring me her favorite book and say, "Elmo!" so I'll read it to her.

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