Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Twin Stats

7 months + 1 week old

Height: 26.2" (40th % for her age)
Weight: 16 lbs  11 oz (40th % for her age)
head:  17.2" (65th % for her age)

Teeth: 1 (yay!)
Drool: endless
Smiles: also endless
Rolls: back to tummy. Why roll on my back, that just gets me stuck?

Favorite activities:
watching Seraph or my other siblings, eating, sitting up until I lean too far, grabbing my toes or toys, chomping on everything, feeling textures with my fingers, getting people to hold me, smiling, warm baths.....reading books with Beautiful Rabbit, chatting with Strong Bear, Sitting on Daddy's lap to play computer games, watching things that move...

favorite sound to make:

Soon I'll be eating rice cereal! My mommy predicts I'll be crawling (possibly army-crawling) in 3 weeks!

Height: 24.5" (3rd % for her age)
Weight: 14 lbs  2 oz (3rd % for her age)
head:  15.6" 

Part of me feels like I'm just getting to know her.  Part of me feels like I've known her forever.

She knows that I love her and to help her.  She watches me as I walk around getting stuff.  She likes smiles and attention and...white noise..and jungle sounds, cartoons.  She communicates her likes and dislikes very clearly.

Each day she seems to reach out a little bit more.  Yesterday she forgot to be wary as I kissed her hands and toes.  Today she smiled while I kissed her instead of after.  She's been through so much.  I just want her to feel happy...and safe.  not true.  I want a LOT of things...but the happy thing is big on the list ;)


Patty and Kevin said...

You're girls are beautiful! Laurie is in the "negative" percentile in everything - even with her adjusted age. Oh well! Love you lots. Again, what sweet girls you have!

Anonymous said...

Cute girls! Fun to see what they are learning. They love their Mommy. Gma

cheyney webb said...

What a great update. I am so happy to hear of Seraph loving your soothing touch.

Paige said...

Enjoyed the update. They both look so happy.

Amy said...

Your update is touching. I'm so glad you finally have time with BOTH of them at home!

Anonymous said...

Awwww! They are soo cute! I wish I could visit more!

The Estrogen Files said...

I'm so glad that she is home! They are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with me.



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