Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Night

Tonight I'm just hanging out with the twins.  Haqon took the kids to a super cool LAN party where the kids were invited to come play, too!  Brilliant!!  So instead of hearing "hey, you OK with me taking off all night and leaving you all alone with 5 screaming kids?" It was like "hey, you want me to take 3 of the kids to this party so you can have a bit of a break?"

Angel tried to grab my dinner tonight.  So, I gave her a spoon to chomp on.  She liked it more than all her toys.  Doc says she's ready for rice cereal.  I'm just waiting for this cool spoon.  Look for sloppy rice pics next week!

Angel had a rough day.  She's still feeling icky from her immunizations 2 days ago + tooth #2!  

Seraph slept through most of today. (Wish I had!) I think her RSV shot took a bit out of her.  Hopefully she's busy growing those pulmonary veins!!  

I'm listening to itunes radio--classical:piano whisperings.  I LOVE this stream :)  The girls are both asleep.  I think I'll start a nice murder mystery.  Ahhhhhhhhhh :)


Safire said...

Spoons are a big hit here too. It's funny how 2 babies seem like a break after everyone being there, huh? :)

Hope you had a nice evening.

Paige said...

Sleeping babies look so cute and feel so good to hold. Glad you had a nice relaxing evening. We all need them once in a while.


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