Friday, February 13, 2009

Strong Bear's Reality

Mom: Stop!  Baby Seraph is sleeping.  We don't want to wake her up.

Strong Bear: But, I do want to wake her up.  Wake up, Baby Seraph. Wake up!

Mom: Baby Seraph needs to sleep.  She needs to sleep so she can feel better.  Seraph's heart is broken.  Strong Bear's heart isn't broken. Mommy's heart isn't broken.  Daddy's heart isn't broken. Beautiful Rabbit's heart isn't broken.  Angel's heart isn't broken. Strong Bear's heart isn't broken......but Seraph's heart is broken.  She needs to sleep so her heart can get better.

Strong Bear: I heal her. [Then he looked at me like "problem solved".]

What a good big brother!  :)


Amy said...

Well, 'tis the season for broken hears to be mended, right? Maybe Valentine's Day will be good for her, and Strong Bear can heal her :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! So cute!


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