Monday, August 25, 2008

Twins x 2

Angel and Seraph met their twin cousins Thursday. I'm holding Pirate and Professor while Safire is holding Seraph and Angel. The boys were heavy!! ...around 13lbs each compared to my girls who're just under 7lbs each.

All my kids kept giving Pirate and Professor kisses. Delightful Finch especially LOVED having 2 more babies smaller than her. Rabbit and Butterfly loved playing together. They were all over the house!

Picture: Butterfly being held by Flower, Delightful Finch, Strong Bear, Beautiful Rabbit, Pirate, Professor, Angel, Seraph.

We kept offering to let someone hold all 4 babies and pretend they had quads....but no one really wanted to.

It turns out, Safire is about as sleep deprived as me! It was a nice visit - I'm sure we'll be seeing the boy twins again :)


Amy said...

Oh, how fun! I'm glad Safire and her boys got to visit. Did (What's your brother's code name?) come out too?

Safire said...

Hey, look! Cute pictures of my kids! :) We had a great time visiting. We'll come over again soon.

RainSplats said...

my lil brother = Juice....his nickname when he was little was Orange Juice ...for obvious reasons ;)


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