Friday, August 29, 2008

Spilt Milk

Delightful Finch and Strong Bear decided to distract me from my woes today. They did an excellent job! I didn't think about missing Seraph all morning.

I came downstairs after taking care of baby Angel for an hour. (Bear and Finch were with me..."helping" *almost* the whole time.) On the last step was a jug of milk. I flipped. "No food out of the kitchen!!!" Thank heavens the milk jug was all but empty. I can't even imagine trying to clean a gallon of milk out of the carpet.

ooops. There was a river of milk on the kitchen floor. Worse, it'd had about an hour to seep under the kitchen cabinets.


Ya know that Brawny commercial where the dad and son are arguing over how many Brawny paper towels it's going to take to clean up the cup of rootbeer that spilled? It's getting closer and closer to the carpet and finally Mom comes over with a huge smile on her face and says, "Nope, just one!" Yeah right. Why don't they clean up their own mess if it's so easy.

Do you know how many Brawny paper towels it takes to clean up a gallon of spilt milk? More importantly, do you know how to clean up milk that had an hour to seep under the cabinets?


Jessica said...

Children are just lovely! At least the cousins tried to keep it in the family. Jillian had an adventure with nail polish yesterday. Hopefully I'll post about it later.

Paige said...

Milk is a great germ culture. You might let some clorox seep under the same cabinets for awhile. Hopefully it can reach where you can't. be sure to test its effect on the floor first. good luck !!


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