Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Day and Cuz

Cousin D came to visit.  He was a huge hit.  Everyone loves him.  Seraph watched through the window as he made a snow bunny then a snow turtle.
 Angel helped - she decided the bunny didn't really want to be left on the porch so she scooped him up and threw him down on the ground.  Bunnies prefer to be on the ground.
 Finch handed me snowballs (I was inside with Seraph) so I could throw snowballs at D and Beautiful Rabbit (not to be confused with snowy rabbit).
 Beautiful Rabbit needs to work on her aim :p  She threw very gentle (and barely packed) snowballs at Seraph's window (before we opened it).  Seraph LOVED watching the snow splat right in front of her face. Giggles all around.
 Ok, I need to get Seraph some boots.
 Cousin D fixed snowy bunny...and then gave him a safe little hideout - safe from Angel and bunnies would rather be on the snow than the cement anyway....
 Snowy Bunny's new house.
It's supposed to snow more tomorrow....and I haven't taken pictures of the snow turtle yet.  He's HUGE!  This was way funner than snowmen.  Thanks Cousin D!!

My kids all took LONG naps after he left - can't wait for him to visit again :)...tehehe

1 comment:

Safire said...

Lucky! We want to have cousins visit us too!

Seriously though, that is one amazing rabbit. And snow! Very jealous over here.


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