Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeese!

I forced Seraph to taste some food today - baby pears mixed with low-sodium saltine crackers.  It smelled like pie!  Seraph hated it!  She pulled the most awful face and started crying.  I ran across the room to grab my camera for a picture of her "hating the food" but as soon as she saw the camera, her tears turned into a huge smile.  She loves loves loves seeing pictures of herself.  She always blows herself kisses.
 After two more bites of food, she was ready to cry for the camera.
 Fingers in the ears is her sign for "stop, I don't like it"
 The "danger" wasn't going away fast she threw all the spoons on the floor.
 After lunch, when I was upstairs with Angel, Seraph started unloading the dishwasher for me.  She's such a sweetie! She pulled out the dishes and threw them on the floor for me.  Such a big helper!
 Then she climbed into her new favorite chair--mommy's computer chair.  She loves to sit in it and click on the mouse, type a bit, and then turn the monitor around. She may not be eating or talking yet...but she's got the important things down ;)


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