Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Seraph Home

We don't have news from the cardiologist yet, but someone pointed out I forgot to mention Seraph is home. The heart cath went well. Her pulmonary veins look good. The surgeon was surprised they'd ever worried about them. (Thank you for all your prayers and fasting.)

Seraph came home early, early, early Saturday day morning. She has been cranky the last few days. She is still recovering...but with a bit of Tylenol, all her smiles come back. She's been kicking her legs a ton today. So, I think she's starting to feel better.

Her color looks better than before the surgery. The surgeon plugged up some extra blood vessels that she'd grown. Her heart and lungs are working more efficiently now.


The Vigh Household said...

Yay! Great news!!!

Amy said...

So wonderful to hear! It's one of those miracles when the doctor says "you have an incurable illness" then you go back in after prayers and fasting and the doc says "where's this illness I said you had? It's gone!" Hooray for prayer!


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