Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Angel & Seraph

The twins - 4.5 months old :)


Amy said...

Your 'Sweet' pink-shirted baby (is that Seraph?) looks pretty wary of this giant bear towering over her. So cute!

Mamalissa said...

I have been wanting to call and talk but didn't have your number. I just got it from Patty though so I will give you a buzz soon.

I have been thinking of you and your sweet girl. All my prayers are being sent your way!!! I just gave a talk in church on peace. We can have peace through anything if we allow God into our hearts. Good luck.....
love, Melissa

RainSplats said...

It's weird being back in the PICU w/out any of you there. I've been thinking about our lil group a lot lately. I hope things are going well for everyone. Have you talked to K lately?


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