Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Delightful Finch :)

We had a delightful day centered around our sweet Finch.  We're so happy that she's in our family.  She is sooooo independent!

Today, the cake was topped with miniature marshmallows.  Every time we brought the cake close enough for her to blow out the candles, she grabbed a handful of marshmallows and stuffed them in her mouth!  

We opened presents and played at the park until our noses were too cold.

It's been a crazy 2 years.  We were still living downtown when she was a 1 bedroom house.  We moved into our current home just before her first birthday.  At her first party, we didn't even have our furniture moved in yet.

She was born with really dark hair and red cheeks.  The first day Strong Bear met her, he only spared her a glance before finding mommy and then playing with the hospital drawers.  Now Bear doesn't go anywhere without saying, "Finch, come on!" or asking "Where's Finch" when she's taking her nap.

Beautiful Rabbit treats her like a princess.  She can do no wrong! (except that she doesn't give good presents yet!) Lately, Rabbit lets Finch wear some of her shirts as dresses.

Finch's favorite song is "Can't Stop" - RHCP.  She runs and twirls to dance...and pats her tummy during the start.  She loves reading books.  She likes Dora and counting books.  She's an excellent mimic; addicted to her Binky; willing to be put in her crib for naps and bedtime; loves to pat the twins heads and give them their bottles/Binkies; finally willing to let us hold her hand now that she saw her cousin, Butterfly, holding her mom's hand. She's finally tall enough to open (and lock!) doors. She'll try any food as long as you say "mmmmm, yummy" when you present it to her.  She likes showers and baths. When I put her hair up, she says "all done, all done, all done" cuz she wants it to be over.

She gives sweet, careful kisses. She has a very kind heart.  She has to find out why someone is sad and make sure they're going to be OK.  She sometimes pretends she doesn't understand what you're saying so she won't have to clean up a mess or give up some cookies.

Yesterday we went for a walk around the lake.  Finch and Bear were throwing pebbles into the lake.  It was time to go.  After many warnings, I finally said, "OK, mommy's leaving'd better run if you want to catch up.  Bye bye."  Bear came running - almost ready to cry, "wait for me, wait for me!" Finch waved and said, "Bye bye" and turned away.  She picked up 2 more rocks to throw in the lake.  Bear hesitated.  ...and ran back to play with her.  bah...I had to go scoop her up and dump her in the stroller so we could leave.  She giggled and gave me kisses.

When she's sad and you ask her if she's OK, she never says "no."  She either says "yes" and then stops crying or says "Binky" over and over until you find her Binky and pop it in her mouth.

She brings you her shoes when she wants to go outside and says "shoes." She likes throwing powder in the air....and sculpting with butter.  (thankfully not at the same time...yet)

Finch talks a bit....and somehow gets nearly everything she wants just by wanting it. ...and we love her to pieces :) 


jenfarmgirl said...

Cute, cute! Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Finch! Gma and Gpa love you, too. We got calls today from children who didn't do much talking and there was a baby crying in the background. gmaallanome

Amy said...

Nuts, I forgot to call you on Finch's birthday. Happy two-year-old again! Happy Birthday, Finch!

And I'm so so glad that Seraph is getting better too :)


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