Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Party

The girls woke up early today to attend
Seraph's preschool Halloween Party!

Seraph LOVED being a kitty-cat just like Finch.
She even LOVED wearing her "ears."

the girls played lots of games

Seraph wasn't very interested in decorating cookies.

Instead she found a HUGE spider and
played and danced with it for a LONG time.

Angel making sure she had all her treats

Delightful Finch showing us how to
blow the bubbles

Seraph enjoying her "pet" spider.
Other games included:
  • Halloween pictured Bingo (Seraph knew all the pictures, and she'd say the word then put the candy on the correct picture.  My jaw dropped.  Amazing!!)
  • "Fishing"
  • Ring Toss (onto a blow-up Octopus)
  • Cookie Decorating
  • pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern
  • Halloween bowling (they put socks over the toy bowling pins to make them look like ghosts...and we bowled them with toy pumpkins)
  • making Monster hands (food services preparation glove filled with popcorn with candy corn as the fingernails. Seraph loved this one the most because they'd filled a water-table with popcorn instead of water and she thought it was crazy fun to play with the popcorn.)
  • Story Center (TONS of Halloween books for us to read to our kids while they sit on chairs or bean bags.) 
We might have been stuck at the story center all day.....luckily they have a fish tank by the main office so I was able to tear them away from the books.  

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