Saturday, August 6, 2011

Get a Kix out of Food

Kix Cereal is fantastic for feeding therapy. Here's the game we played with Seraph today:

  1. get a small bowl and some Kix Cereal (or anything small and spherical) 
  2. put one Kix ball just inside your mouth and then blow it out into the bowl and count, "ONE"
  3. Now put a Kix ball in Seraph's mouth and tell her to blow it into the bowl and count, "TWO"
  4. Let her have lots of turns, but do it again yourself if she starts freaking out.
The beauty of this game is that you're telling her to spit it out.  So, she doesn't freak out that something is in her mouth.  Yet, it's in her mouth long enough for her to lean over the bowl. This gives her time to taste it AND time to manipulate it around her mouth with her tongue.  Put it under her tongue or in her cheek.  Yes, she let me put it in her mouth. The most important part is that you're showing her to spit it out...and telling her to spit it out.  This is what makes the game non-threatening.

Other games we play with Kix cereal:
  1. pick up the balls one at a time with fingers and drop them in the bowl and count them
  2. blow them across the table
  3. put them just inside your lips and then blow them with a puff of air (Seraph finds this game so hilarious, she forgets food is touching her mouth).

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