Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Very Happy Echo

Seraph had a sedated echo cardiogram this week.  It's like an ultrasound on her heart.  They sedated her so she'd lay still long enough for them to get a good look at everything.
Seraph didn't mind being up at 6am.  I had to be up late to do her midnight feeding and then switch to pedialyte at 2am.  I was really tired.  Thank heavens Daddy was driving! Seraph loves driving.  She mostly watches out the window and kicks her feet.
Seraph liked the toys outside of xray.  She hated xray.  They make her sit still and mommy leaves!! I like to stand back by the computers so I can take a peek at her xray as it pops up on the screen.  Her xrays looked fantastic this time :)  yay!
 There was a computer in the examination room!  Seraph couldn't quite reach the keyboard...but some nice person had left the mouse on the floor for her to play with.
There was a LOT of waiting....and Daddy got lots of work done on his phone.  Thankfully, I had the iPad along to keep Seraph busy.  (I brought it to read a book while she was sedated, but once she saw it, she demanded her app-play time!)
 The nurse practitioner and the cardiologist were super smart - no lab coat today so Seraph had no negative reaction to them even when they listened to her heart and lungs. Seraph was congested from allergies, but they felt she was OK to be sedated.
 Seraph was very happy and very social...until the IV-team started putting on gloves. It was a HUGE warning signal for her. She cried immediately and looked around for a way to escape.  I used to offer to help hold her still.....but I just can't do it anymore. I figure she needs big hugs when they're done and that's my job.
 We almost left her favorite puppy under the chair, but the NP saw it.  I would've had to buy her a new one.  She loves her puppy that much!
 After the IV...we moved to the echo room.  I held her on my lap while they started sedating her.
Seraph was almost a year old before she decided to allow me to give her comfort via hugs and touching.  Before that she would just shove everyone away.  Now she wants me to hold her and give her love.  I never knew it was something to be grateful for....but I am ever so grateful she let me hold, comfort, and sooth her as the meds started kicking in. :) She is one tough cookie!

Recovery time was fast.  We had our chat with the cardiologist.  It was all good. Her heart function/xrays/valves...everything looks good.  We've set up a heart Cath in August.  Cardiologist is optimist about her next open heart surgery...and feels we'll be able to do it in August.
He also cut back on several of her meds.
It was crazy talking to him....because this was the first time that it was all good news. I feel better about her upcoming surgery.  I think she'll do well.

Here's a picture of Seraph the day after her echo:
They told me she would be cranky....boy were they right!  but she was also happy to be home.


The Estrogen Files said...

She is so beautiful! I'm glad things went well. I accidentally posted as my daughter the first time (giggle)

Stefenie said...

Glad that things went well with her appointment. Praying for you all!


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