Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My lil Vampyre

Last night Seraph slipped and hit her lip on the bookcase.  It bled like crazy!! (She takes a blood thinner).  She looked all Halloweeny - it was spooky!  I was really freaked out -- wondering if we needed to take her to the hospital.  But...daddy said she'd be fine and a few mommy hugs later she ran off to play.  Today she was hamming it up for the camera again.
She likes to bolt for the door whenever anyone opens it.  She grabs handfuls of lavender and breaks them off and then plays with them like magic wands. Outside is way more fun than inside, even if it's a bit chilly.


Anonymous said...

She is so "hugable" and so cute even with the dark spots. Gma

MsBabyPlan said...

I read vampire is cool these days. I hope she doing well.


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