Monday, December 21, 2009

Good Report from Cardiology

Seraph visited her cardiologist today.  She was wary, but playful.  The x-ray was traumatic:  2 gals holding her against the wall while her mommy walked away. :( Everything else went well.  Cardiology wants to see her every 3 months.  She had labs (they might tweak her meds).  Overall the Doc was impressed. He even mentioned the possibility of Seraph being able to have the 3rd heart surgery (Fontan) if her pressures go down.  He's a pretty pessimistic guy, so him acknowledging that hope was huge for me :)

We also found out her cardiologist is also working from the clinic at the new hospital that's only 5 minutes from my house.  They'll be able to do all her future visits and tests there....except for heart caths and sedated echoes.  I'm thrilled!

My emotions have been all crazy lately.  Here's a picture of Seraph last year on Christmas Eve in the PICU:

Last year, after spending ThanksGiving, Christmas, and New Year's in the PICU, she came home on hospice care.  They didn't think she'd live to see her first birthday (in June).  My sweet little girl decided to stay with us.  She's a fighter and God has blessed us to keep her with us for now.  I'm holding my breath, but I really think she'll be home for Christmas this year.  Yay!

She has changed so much since last Christmas.  She's army crawling; sitting by herself; doing baby talk.  She's invented her own sign language to communicate:  "I like..", "I'm happy", and "that's bugging me".

At the end of her appointment today, she wouldn't let me put her down without screaming.  I pushed her stroller out to the car.  As soon as she saw our car, she made her sign for "I like.."  All her tears stopped.  She smiled and giggled and played all the way home.  I think she must've been scared that I'd leave her at the hospital.  I was just as happy to be bringing her home.  Love you, lil girl :)

Thank you for all your prayers and support - and Merry Christmas to you and yours :)


Fine Art by Jennifer said...

I love to hear good news like that. Thanks for writing.

Patty and Kevin said...

What great news! She is a little miracle. Have a great Christmas at HOME!

Jessica said...

I'm glad you've had some great news. I'm sure it will be wonderful for you to all be home for Christmas.

Paige said...

Loved to see her sitting up by herself in the photo.


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